Here at Montezuma Latino Beach Food, we’re driven by our values and purpose. We believe in people and community. Growth for us is dependent on attracting, hiring and retaining great people that will promote our optimistic innovative culture. We commit to representing the Puntarenas region’s seasons and character with quality sustainable produced products coupled with the highest level of hospitality.


There is nothing more important
than family. We would like our
staff and customers to feel the
love, so they feel comfortable
like they are at home.

It is important to celebrate the ups
and downs of life. Birthday or a
Monday, our guests come to celebrate
and we are here to celebrate with
them. We make guests feel special
through our words and actions and
they love us for this.



We will practice appreciation for
all life, resources and great
product we get to use to offer
customers our food and

We will all make mistakes. When we
do, we will do everything in our power
to fix them with no ego. We will own
them, and we will learn from them.



Rules of behaviour based on
ideas about what is morally good
or bad. We definitely want to
surround ourselves with
individuals that share the same
thinking as us.